Save thousands of dollars and
hours of time!

Millions of people love their swimming pool – but they don’t love the hassle that goes with owning one. If you dial it up to the max then you risk wasting significant money every year in unnecessary energy and chemical costs. With electricity costs predicted to increase by up to 30% in 2023, this can become very expensive. But try to economise and you risk swimming in unhealthy water and damaging your pool equipment. Sound familiar?

We can solve these problems and put the fun back into owning a pool by installing a SplashMe system into your new or existing water circuit. The system will:

  • Run pumps efficiently
  • Manage multiple heat sources
  • Control spas
  • Schedule lights
  • Power water features
  • Run cleaners

SplashMe system can be installed into any pool, and is compatible with any existing pump or system. Install a SpalshMe system and then sit back as it automatically monitors, doses, optimises and then reports on your pools vital statistics.

SplashMe delivered $3k in savings in the first year alone”

“After installing a SplashMe system, I noticed an instant and dramatic reduction in my electricity usage. Plus, being able to schedule all of my dosing, pumps, heating and cleaning during off peak hours, I’ve been able to save even more. I couldn’t be happier with the system”. Rob H, Northern Beaches, NSW